Our Story

From a garage to a full fledged brewery in five short years sums up a dream come true for us Fargo natives with our heart set on bringing craft brewing to the heartland.

It was a like-mindedness that brought our paths together, and a Midwestern work ethic that maintained that path, through thick and thin, to see an idea through and bring as fine a product as we can to our home.

Ah hell, it’s just beer, chief. Bottoms up.


An Idea is Born

It’s no secret that North Dakotans drink beer; a lot of beer. The state continually ranks in the top five for consumption per capita, yet maintains a past scarce of producing its own brew despite it leading the nation in the production of malt barley.

In other words, beer wants North Dakota just as much as North Dakotans want beer, but both have been too damn shy to ask the other one out.

Enter Jared Hardy, the moonlighting matchmaker, sipping on a Bridgeport IPA from a pub stool in Portland, Oregon. Armed with a pint, ballpoint pen and napkin full of ideas, Jared stood and proclaimed, "Fargo loves beer and I love Fargo! I shall bring a brewery to my homeland!" <falls off stool>


States that consume over 40 gallons of beer per person over 21

Jared Hardy & Aaron Hill

In the Summer of 2009, having begun the planning of a brewery in Fargo for nearly a year, Jared Hardy approached former Shanley High School classmate, Aaron Hill, to get an idea of what he might think.

Partnership ensued. However, Jared, with a background in marketing, and Aaron, sales, quickly realized their newfound dream was missing an important piece: beer.

Yes, it wasn’t just malts, hops and yeast that were going to get them there. It’s a vast knowledge of brewing that would be the key ingredient.

Chris & John Anderson

Unknowingly, two Fargo brothers had the same dreams and aspirations for their hometown. As Chris and John Anderson returned from the Pacific Northwest to find their Fargo barren of craft beverages, they too discovered a need for beer that didn’t suck.

Chris, having worked in breweries on the West coast, and John, with experience in the food and beverage industry, knew they could bring something to the table.

It wasn’t until a casual conversation with Jared’s brother-in-law, who graduated with John Anderson, that Fargo’s path to its own brewery narrowed focus. The four were quickly introduced and the rest is beer history.

Falling into place

With four eager partners at the helm, Fargo Brewing Company was established as a limited liablity company in the state of North Dakota in 2010.

Weekend brewing sessions began with just a bit more than a homebrewer’s arsenal. Every Saturday, Jared Hardy’s garage transformed into a pungent lab of steeping grains and boiling malts as we, like mad scientists, perfected our recipes; and we did: Wood Chipper IPA, Stone’s Throw Scottish Ale and Sodbuster Porter.

On Tap

April of 2011 brought an aggressive campaign to begin fundraising. Through the help of friends and family, Fargo Brewing Company garnered enough investors to purchase our own fermenters.

We weren’t home yet, though. The equipment shipped to Sand Creek, Wisconsin, where we would begin brewing our recipes through a contract with Sand Creek Brewing Company; a connection made via contacts at Fulton Beer.

On September 28th, 2011, our Wood Chipper IPA became the first Fargo Brewing Company beer on tap. Our beer was home.

The Brewery

On January 31st, 2013 we signed the lease for the site of our brewery at 610 N University Drive in Fargo. Construction was completed the following July and we've since made a home for ourselves and begun bringing craft beer to the heartland.

Stop by for a tour of the brewery, Saturdays from 12PM-1PM, or try some brews from the tap room; open Tuesday through Saturday.


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