Stone’s Throw Scottish Ale

Patterned after the rich, smooth, malty ales of Scotland, Stone’s Throw is dominated by caramel toffee, toasty malt, hints of cocoa, residual honey sweetness and just enough hops to keep this rock on the button. The perfect brew for someone new to craft beer. Cheers, skip!

“This fantastic session beer brings a mild, sweet flavor that makes for a great lunch companion.”
~ Jason Hummel, Homebrewer

The Hops

Despite its complexion, Stone's Throw does not bring a mass of bitter hoppiness, so don't be afraid of the dark! These Golding hops provide a smooth mellow bitterness with hints of floral spice to compliment the forthcoming malty goodness.

  • Golding

The Malts

Stone's Throw Scottish Ale reigns to highlight the soul of beer; barley malt. Our diverse blend combines to form layers of malt textures and flavors from toast to caramel, dried fruit and cocoa. The result is dark, complex, smooth and sweet approachable beer.

  • Carastan
  • Extra Dark Crystal
  • Honey
  • Midnight Wheat
  • Munich
  • NW Pale Ale
  • Oats

19 Int'l Bitter Units

With the Golding hops providing mostly sweetness, Stone's Throw remains low on the bitterness scale at only 19 International Bitterness Units. That's on a scale that goes to 100ish for those new to craft beer! This means the beer is highly approachable for craft brew novices.

4.5% Alcohol By Volume

At only 4.5% ABV, Stone's Throw makes for a fine session beer. A what? "Session beers" are commonly referred to as beers that are well balanced, low in achohol and allow the drinker to have a couple pints within a reasonable time period and maintain composure. Cheers!

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